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Clari, a leading Rev Ops provider with over 100m in revenue, works with global clients across multiple industries, helping them run Revenue top to bottom.

20%+  global technographic coverage increase
40%+ pipeline increase
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The challenge: Data Gaps

As a Revenue Intelligence Platform, Clari always wants to be at the forefront of RevOps best practice and technology. Despite a data stack of multiple providers, the Clari team felt it lacked a cohesive understanding of their full market of potential customers.

In order to accurately map this, data that delves further than just company name, industry, employee range, job titles and geographical location is necessary. This truly comprehensive data is the only method for Clari to accurately identify their market of right customers.

When in need of more specific data, some teams resort to gathering it manually. This doesn't work; the real result is team members being asked to spend long hours searching through unlimited website pages for hundreds of data-points, across thousands of potential accounts.

This challenge is most evident in how quickly data can change, often with the most critical data-points changing a day after being manually collected. And even with its plethora of existing data providers and manual efforts, for Clari, there was still a bespoke element missing.This is where Goodfit came in.

The solution: Accurately Mapped Markets

Increased Coverage
Goodfit was able to map the market of customers Clari wanted to target, and with increased technographic coverage and accuracy. This was critical for account distribution and prioritisation. With technographics alone, GoodFit was able to increase global coverage by 20%.

We were looking for bespoke data on which companies have consumption billing. I asked peers in the industry where I could find this data and everyone said it didn’t exist. We were able to partner with Goodfit to creatively brainstorm and identify some of these attributes – and at large scale.

- Josh Vangeest, VP Revenue Operations

Bespoke Data (at scale)
With Goodfit, Clari has access to unique data that was previously inaccessible or heavily reliant on manual searches. Despite the belief that it’s cheaper to manually source prospects, the process doesn't scale, and human error becomes a more consistent and costly challenge. Keeping up with ever-changing data is near impossible this way.

However, with Goodfit, Clari is able to gather data programmatically with a constant view into in-market accounts and up-to-date data against each and every one of them.

Now Clari can create a uniform and scalable practice for why one company is a great prospect over another. This is now coupled with a deepened ability to specify phrases and keywords in job descriptions, company websites and product pages, all with specificity, at scale and in real time.

The company now has a breadth of accurate, up-to-date data that was not previously possible before GoodFit.

Working with the Right customer, at the Right time with the Right Message

Focused & More Productive Team
Data is indispensable and the right data is priceless. Clari team members no longer waste time and money prospecting accounts only to have them disqualified. Using Goodfit has helped to improve the overall quality of the accounts distributed. Now, there is less time wasted on manually equalising books and more time working with the assurance assigned leads have been vetted and successes created by the RevOps, and later Sales teams, can be pinpointed and celebrated.

More Pipeline
With all of this in play the company saw notable growth to its TAM. Clari could spot and assign more accounts that may have been missed by manual work, despite hiding in plain sight. With this additional coverage and accuracy, 40% of Clari’s pipeline has come directly from accounts that were unassigned pre-GoodFit.

We love the flexibility that Goodfit provides, the ability for us to add new requirements to grow and expand and learn more; and to be able to add that to the platform without being overwhelmed by sudden changes in  pricing.

- Josh Vangeest, VP Revenue Operations

Propensity Scoring

Having helped Clari map the market of qualified customers they should sell to, the next step was predicting which customers were most likely to buy; these were the customers the company wanted to direct its Sales and Marketing efforts toward.

Using Goodfit, along with its other providers, Clari was able to look over historical wins and losses to build a model built up of more than 25 different attributes to score the accounts in its market. In having the entire market propensity-to-buy scored, Clari is able to distribute accounts that were not only a great fit for its reps but were more likely to purchase

One of the benefits of Goodfit is that we can create endless customization to our data sets.

- Josh Vangeest, VP Revenue Operations

Insight into New Opportunities

Using Goodfit, Clari now has options, especially as it continues to grow. With a better understanding of its existing market and customer, GoodFit can build understanding in new markets. The ability to dig further was helped by the bespoke data available through Goodfit; now with additional flexibility, the company can pivot as needed per market and empower the platform to succeed in those sectors more readily.  

As Clari looks to expand into new markets and add new products to the portfolio to sell in different ways, we’ll be working with Goodfit to identify the best accounts in all of the new markets we’re venturing into and leverage Goodfit to feed a lot of that data

- Josh Vangeest, VP Revenue Operations
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