Our Data Points

Industry, location, employees & revenue.
Discover what technologies are in-use.
Learn about open roles, job locations and more.
Determine who has raised funding, how much and when.
Website Traffic
See traffic volumes, sources of traffic, and more.
Understand the nature & size of existing teams.
Mobile Apps
See mobile app downloads, review data & more.
Website Crawling
Pull keywords, and more from your prospects' website.
Check what languages & currencies are in-use.
Payments Data
See what PSPs & payment methods are supported.
Employee Reviews
Understand employee sentiment, and benefits.
Website Performance
Check website performance & accessibility.
eCommerce Data
Determine product types, SKUs, and price points.
Software Data
See software vertical, target users & user sentiment.
Agency Data
Check service focus, client size and avg. pricing.
Custom Models
We'll build custom models to label your market.
Any Publicly Available Data Point...

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