Why we exist.

The ways in which companies are going to market haven’t evolved in years, and these old methods are failing.

In contacting the same potential customers, in the same way, with the same tools, it’s harder than ever to cut through the noise.

The winners will be those who manage to get in front of the right customers, at the right time, with the right message

It’s no longer enough to deliver a personalised message to a customer based on their interests.  Instead, you must focus on a message based on the their needs.

There is more publicly available data on customers than ever before, but companies can’t harness it.

Companies end-up with dozens of data providers, and teams of manual researchers. Despite these efforts, they don’t have visibility into every customer in their market, who is most likely to buy, or the ability to deliver a message based on what the customer actually needs.

GoodFit gathers publicly available data programatically, and builds a data-set based on your unique requirements.

We’re the only provider to map your ideal market of companies based on your criteria, enrich them with data points bespoke to your needs, and keep this data up-to-date.

With GoodFit, you’ll have strategic visibility into your market, be able to identify the companies most likely to buy, and deliver messaging based on their needs.

When your team understands the customers most likely to buy & targets them with relevant messaging, you’ll see productivity increase, improved performance, and a happier team no longer lost in desk research.

Our Values

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