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Today most companies are reliant on their sales reps to find leads. The challenge? Reps struggle to find great prospects. Worse, they waste huge amounts of time disqualifying leads they can't sell to. This is a poor experience for reps, inefficient use of their skills and sunk cost for the business.

GoodFit helps companies identify their leads programmatically and build a dataset based on their unique requirements. We only source the accounts that meet the company's qualification criteria and enrich them with the most useful data points. With the company's market mapped, they can more efficiently distribute & prioritize leads, while delivering compelling messaging based on their prospect's needs.

About the Role

As a Growth Associate at GoodFit, you’ll be working closely with our senior leadership team across the full customer lifecycle. Ultimately looking to establish and iterate on existing playbooks to acquire, retain and grow customers for the business. 

The role should give you a breadth of experience, building out core commercial skills across the various stages of the customer journey with the option to specialize should you wish. Given your close contact with both existing and net new customers, you’ll also work closely with the product team to guide decision making on the most impactful direction for our roadmap.

In your role, you’ll have the chance to work closely with senior commercial leaders at some of the fastest growing B2B companies around (such as Clari, Chili Piper, Deepgram, Paddle, and more), advising them on how to utilize GoodFit data in their go-to-market efforts, and understanding their commercial needs. Not to mention uncovering the very best ways to get in front of those top execs who don’t already know about GoodFit. Building a strong base of customer advocates along the way. 

What You'll Do

Working under our VP Revenue you’ll execute across various stages of the customer lifecycle. A non-exhaustive list of activities you’ll engage in across your time working with us are as follows: 

  • Working on innovative new ways to build brand awareness for GoodFit among our ideal customers 
  • Supporting in top-of-funnel, demand generating activities. From outbound email, through to running breakfasts for execs we’re targeting in region. 
  • Conducting demos and sales meetings primarily via video calls to top executives as we GTM
  • Engaging with our existing client base ensuring they’re seeing the value of targeting the right customer, at the right time with the right message.
  • Handling renewal & expansion opportunities for existing customers. 

At our stage we’re looking for a Growth Associate eager to experience working stages of commercial journey end-to-end. In future there will be the option to specialize into a specific role or working on a particular part of the customer journey should you wish. 

We'd Love to Hear From You If

- Are excited about the prospect of working closely with founders and leadership team at a fast growing bootstrapped startup

- Have any experience in sales/growth/account management within SaaS, or Data industries.

- Passionate about innovative software products and eager to contribute ideas for improvement.

- Proactive learner, always seeking new challenges and opportunities for growth.

- Excited about commercial day to day activities as well as building processes / frameworks


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